The Gnarly Old Hag


Crataegus spp.

Maven of heart health and world traveler...


A Hearty Hawthorn Adventure

An adventure with the hearty hawthorn, gnarly old hag of the hedge...

Hawthorn, Crataegus spp. the epitome of a common plant, proliferating around planet earth in the temperate northern latitudes. A member of the congenial Rosaceae family, this small to medium tree takes her place in rough environments with grace and even charm. Growing 15’-50’ with small pome fruits, haws, and often sharp, thorny branches, Crataegus are used as specimen trees in gardens, as a foundation tree in country side hedges and as a gnarly free agent in neglected landscapes providing shelter and food for innumerable insects, birds, amphibians, small mammals and, occasionally, humans! Just for fun, check out www.theplantlist.org where you’ll find 2718 plant names for Crataegus spp. found around the world.

Hawthorn fruit harvest is on in the Snoqualmie Valley...


"I want to meet your friends", she said.

How the Hearty Hawthorn kit came to be...

We enjoy the fun and pleasure of rambling through fields and forests of the Pacific Northwest. Many herbs have become allies in our foraging adventures. Hawthorn, perhaps, the most persistent! A maven of heart health and a world traveler, the Gnarly Old Hag, was insistent this kit be put together so she could get out and meet you all!

The beautiful Snoqualmie Valley is our home and the land of the diverse and tasty hawthorn used in this kit. It's a starting point for exploration and supports the expansion of this hawthorn adventure. 

Once you've enjoyed the taste of the Snoqualmie Valley Hawthorn, we invite you to start your quest for the hawthorns living near you. A small, gnarly tree of field, hedge and urban streets, Crataegus spp. finds many environs amenable to growth.

Once you see how simple, fun and messy it is to cultivate health with your heart and hands at home, we invite you to join us for more experiential learning opportunities...

Online and in-person. Stay tuned!


Hearty Hawthorn Kit

What's in the box?

1- 2 oz Hawthorn Fruit Extract
1 - 5 oz Hawthorn Oxymel
2 oz Hawthorn Flowers & Leaves
10 oz Dried Hawthorn Fruit
4 Hawthorn Extract labels 
4 Hawthorn Oxymel labels
Recipe Card
Hawthorn: Recipes & Remedies handout


The hawthorn fruit, flowers and leaves you need to make:
* 1 quart Hawthorn Oxymel
* 1 quart Hawthorn Fruit Extract
* 2 quarts Hawthorn Flower and Leaf Herbal Infusion.
5 oz Haw Oxymel
2 oz Haw Extract
to enjoy while yours is brewing...

Crataegus monogyna

Snoqualmie Valley



Are you curious about the amazing genus Crataegus? I'd enjoy staying in touch. What are the hawthorns like in your neighborhood? How are your hawthorn recipes and remedies turning out? Are you growing hawthorn? I'll be sharing more Hawthorn stories and would enjoy hearing yours in this Hearty Hawthorn adventure...

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