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The Hearty Hawthorn Adventure

Keeping Herbal Medicine in Your Heart, Hands & Home


Join EagleSong Gardener

Herbalist & Hawthorn Whisperer

For 3 LIVE 1.5 hour Online Hawthorn Workshops

+ A Hearty Hawthorn Kit with Recipes

+ Online Community Hawthorn Discussion Group

+ Recordings of 3 Live Workshops

Welcome to The Hawthorn Adventure!

This in-depth experience with hawthorn is for those wanting the adventure

of a plant hunter and the medicine of the heart Hawthorn provides. 


I'm excited to share my decade's long quest to understand the 

deep medicine the Crataegus genus brings to a world in transition!


What I found was beyond my wildest imaginings!


My curiosity, experiences & connection with this amazing genus, along with

stories from many countries brought the Hearty Hawthorn to my life as

a powerful herbal ally.

Through the age-old art and craft of sharing kitchen table wisdom & journeying,

coupled with hands-on experience

you'll discover how the medicine of your own heart, hands and home vibrates with a

life force that can be augmented with Hawthorn as your herbal ally, too.

Are you ready for an adventure that ignites courage, brings the deep-peace of heartfelt connection and nourishes spirit's home? Then, I invite you to consider joining me for the Hearty Hawthorn Adventure...


Hawthorn, it turns out, is so much more than I imagined!



3 - LIVE Zoom Workshops  


Class #1: Crataegus: World-Wide Distribution & Uses 

Class #2: Hawthorn Fruit, Flower & Leaf Preservation


Class #3: Hands-On Hawthorn Oxymel & Extract

What's in the Hawthorn Kit?
  • 2 oz RavenCroft Wild Hawthorn Extract 

  • 5 oz bottle RavenCroft Hawthorn Oxymel made with the “Golden Girl”

hawthorn & local honey

  • Hawthorn Recipe Booklet


  • 10 oz Wild-Crafted Snoqualmie Valley Hawthorn fruit

  • 2 oz Wild-Crafted Snoqualmie Vally Hawthorn Leaves & Flowers

  • 4 Hawthorn Oxymel labels

  • 4 Hawthorn Extract labels

For Making 1 quart each of your own Hawthorn Oxymel & Extract in Workshop #3

(Note: Participants provide: 32 oz Vodka, 1 pint honey, 1 pint apple cider vinegar,

kitchen supplies and storage jars & bottles.)


Hawthorn Kit.jpg

Class #1: Crataegus: World Distribution & Uses


2022 Date & Times TBA

You'll learn:

  •  How to find Crataegus spp. in your bio-region

  • How a single Genus can boast 2718 species 

  • Hawthorn stories from around the world

  • You'll receive an annotated reference list of books and resources to expand your hearty adventure

Class #2: Hawthorn Fruit, Flower & Leaf Preservation


2022 Date & Time TBA


You'll learn:

  • Harvesting, Drying & Freezing Techniques

  • Making Infusions, Decoctions & Tisanes

  • Recipes for Chutneys, Jams, Jellies & Sauces

  • How to: Wines, Cordials & Elixirs

*Hawthorn Recipe booklet

Making Hawthorn Extract & Oxymel

Hands-On Make-It Workshop

2022 Date & Time TBA

Live instruction with written directions to prepare

Hawthorn Extract & Oxymel in your kitchen…

using the Hearty Hawthorn Kit


Kit includes:

1 - 2 oz Wild Hawthorn Extract

1 - 5 oz bottle “Golden Girl” Hawthorn Oxymel

made with local hawthorn & honey

10 oz Dried, Wild-crafted Hawthorn Fruit

2 oz Wild-crafted Hawthorn Flowers & Leaves

4 Hawthorn Oxymel Labels

4 Hawthorn Extract Labels

*Adventurer provided provisions for the Make It workshop:

1 qt 100 proof vodka, 1 pint apple cider vinegar, 1 pint honey or to taste, jars & bottles



Recordings of Live workshops provided for participants 

To provide a container for cultivating an activated heart center 

this edition Hearty Hawthorn Adventure is only available

to a limited band of Adventurers...

Are you an Herbal-Ally Curious Woman? Interested in joining HerbWiseWomen,

an intergenerational online community working in the wise woman tradition?

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