A hands-on kit for making recipes and remedies with Hawthorn. A heart healthy herbal ally. Crataegus spp. 

10 oz  Dried Wild Hawthorn Fruit

2 oz Dried Wild Hawthorn Flowers & Leaves

*Herbs for making your Hawthorn preparations

1- 5 oz bottle Hawthorn Oxymel

1 - 2 oz bottle Hawthorn Fruit Extract

*Tasty ready-made Hawthorn preparations to enjoy while your creations brew.

4 Hawthorn Oxymel labels 

4 Hawthorn Extract labels

1 -  Recipe Card for crafting your own Hawthorn Oxymel, Hawthorn Fruit Extract 

      & Hawthorn Herbal Infusion

1 -  Hawthorn: Recipes & Remedies information sheet

*Everything you need to make your preparations in your own kitchen with confidence.

Hearty Hawthorn Kit

  • A DIY kit for learning to make Hawthorn food & medicine in your own kitchen.