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Maven of heart health and world traveler...

The Hearty Hawthorn Adventure 

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A Hearty Hawthorn Adventure

An interactive adventure with the hearty hawthorn...

"This small, ordinary tree holds a foundational place in herbal practice for strengthening the heart muscle, improving digestion and circulation, resolving arterial congestion and lowering blood pressure, supporting the immune system and increasing longevity. Hawthorn is filled with anti-inflammatory flavonoids; minerals and nutrients including magnesium and calcium to nourish and strengthen the whole person. Although no single constituent can be singled out as the active ingredient, the sum of all her parts brings the magic and medicine of hawthorn to life. If you want to strengthen a weak heart or carry an old heart into a healthy future consider hawthorn as an ally." 

Whilst this is all important, it turns out Hawthorn was far more than I imagined

or had learned about anywhere...


Are you ready for an adventure that ignites courage, brings the deep-peace of heartfelt connection and nourishes spirit's home? Then, I invite you to consider joining me for the Hearty Hawthorn Adventure...

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When I first began my personal Hawthorn Adventure, I had no idea how it would change my life. Only now, 20 years later, with visits to 5 countries meeting hawthorn in her place, can I appreciate how curiosity and adventure have expanded my understanding of Hawthorn, the world I live in and myself. 

What started as a Kit, is now  an interactive online course...

I enjoy the fun and pleasure of rambling through fields and forests of the Pacific Northwest. Many herbs have become allies in my foraging adventures. Hawthorn, perhaps, the most persistent! A maven of heart health and a world traveler, Hawthorn, was insistent I bring a group of people together interested in the Crataegus genus to expand our understanding of the medicine she carries.

The beautiful Snoqualmie Valley is my home and the land of an amazingly

diverse range of hawthorn species. It turns out this is one of Hawthorn's botanical geniuses.

This was my starting point for exploration and, now, the Snoqualmie Valley Hawthorn supports the expansion of this hawthorn adventure beyond the northwest to include your area and the Crataegus species close to you.  

Once you've enjoyed the taste of the Snoqualmie Valley Hawthorn, you'll find in the Hawthorn Kit included in the Hearty Hawthorn Adventure, I invite you to start your quest for the hawthorns living near you. A small, wizened tree of field, hedge, mountains and urban streets, Crataegus spp. finds many environs amenable to growth.

Now, its time to share the adventure in the first online course dedicated to the Crataegus species.

In the Hearty Hawthorn Adventure, you'll learn how simple, fun and messy it is to cultivate health with your heart and hands at home. 

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Crataegus monogyna

Snoqualmie Valley



Are you curious about the amazing genus Crataegus? I'd enjoy staying in touch. What are the hawthorns like in your neighborhood? How are your hawthorn recipes and remedies turning out? Are you growing hawthorn? I'll be sharing more Hawthorn stories and would enjoy hearing yours in this Hearty Hawthorn adventure...

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